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Database Solutions

Whether you have a legacy database to upgrade, an existing database to maintain, or need top build a new database, the ITVEL team can discuss your options, make recommendations, and implement your solution.

  • Transactional Databases, Data Warehouses
    SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, MariaDB, etc.
  • Big Data NoSQL Databases
    Cassandra, Data Lake, Cosmos, Mongo, etc.
  • SQL and Query Reports
    Custom Queries, SSRS, Crystal Reports, etc.

Choosing the correct database for your project is very important, as it will determine your project's capability and scalability for both today and in the future. If you choose the wrong database, it will length the development time of your project and could negatively impact future updates and enhancements as your business grows. The ITVEL database team will start by asking questioins about your business needs and your projections for the volume of data to stored and the structure and qualities about the data. We will analyze your current and future needs, and help your business implement and incorporate an appropriate database for your requirements.

Relational Database Management Systems

SQL Server
Microsoft Access

Reference: DB Engine Rankings

Relational databases are the most popular type of database used in today's business world. Properly designed table relationship architectures can gracefully scale as your business grows, and enforce data integrity that is key to business reporting and Transaction management. The 5 most popular relational databases are Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft Access. Whenever you have a transaction, such as a customer purchasing your product or your warehosue updating inventory, that would always be in a transactional database management system. ITVEL's database team will analyze your business data and design a data table architecture that meets your current needs and has flexbility for the future.

Big Data (NoSQL) Database Storage Systems

Many large social networks use Big Data NoSQL database systems to store and manage their data in order to accomodate millions or billions of data entries on a daily basis. Big Data is wonderful for scaling to comfortably persist such large amounts of data, but it is not the right solution for every business. The 5 most popular Big Data databases are MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, Cassandra, and Amazon DynamoDB. The ITVEL database team will assess your business needs and identify whether a Big Data storage sytem would satisfy business requirements while benefiting users.

Amazon DynamoDB

Reference: DB Engine Rankings

Robustness Today, and Flexibility Tomorrow

To achieve the performance, throughput, scalability, and reliability that your business needs, the ITVEL team will ask questions about how you use your data today and in the near future. Contact us today for a free phone consultation to discuss your current and future database needs.