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Owner of a Financial Firm

Working with Itvel was a pleasure. They analyzed and explained the areas that could be improved upon in an easy to understand manner and then implemented smoothly. The tech background at my firm is limited, but they made working together a breeze.
Highly recommended!

David C.
Owner of a Food Supply Company

I sat down with ITVEL to discuss business strategies, and within just a few hours they were able to lead me in the right direction. They helped me organize and prioritize my business goals. If you need help accelerating your business, these guys can do it!

Technology Consulting

ITVEL's focus is on leveraging technology to build strategic computer applications that help our customers become more efficient and save money. We approach projects by asking strategic questions about your business and building a solution that provides long-term benefits. Our technologists are full-stack developers who are also business analysts, thus consolidating expertise to expedite a project's implementation.

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Our Location in New Jersey

We are located in Central New Jersey, which we consider to be central to the east coast! New Jersey is sandwiched 1-hour south of New York City and 1-hour north of Philadelphia. New Jersey is only 3 hours south of Boston, and only 4 hours north of Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. Our nearby airports allow us to easily fly to National or International engagements.

ITVEL working style

A typical ITVEL technology project lasts several months as a team of 2-3 developers work on the engagement building the solution. Each software developer is a full-stack programmer, who can work on all aspects of the project. Having a small team of highly-skilled developers allows the work to be done more efficiently. Whereas some software consulting companies have a project manager, who talks to a business analyst, who writes a documentfor a large team of programmers... an ITVEL Development Team of 2 people can analyze and build the solution with first-hand knowledge of the situation. Some projects can be completed in just a few days!